3 Cities That Could Be the Next Las Vegas

Las Vegas is synonymous the world over with the place to go to gamble, to be entertained, to see stunning live music, and to have a good time. People count down entire calendars until they next get to pound the Strip and explore all that the City of Lights has to offer. Since its inception in 1905, Las Vegas has kept our attention. But could there be somewhere in the world that would be a rival for Las Vegas?

Toronto, Canada

The Canadian online casino industry reflects this with casinos for Canadians like LeoVegas and  JackpotCity set to rival those of Las Vegas. Not only does Toronto boast a bustling nightlife but it is just over an hour’s drive away from one of the most visited spots in the world, Niagara Falls. Similarly to Las Vegas, Niagara Falls is also a popular destination to get married, replacing the illustrious Elvis Presley wedding officiant with gallons of cascading water and a cagoule. Toronto also offers a great deal more than Vegas, including a beach and a rich culture of Canadian history. However, the casino scene in Toronto is still relatively new, so it doesn’t look to be too much of a rival for Vegas at this point in time.

Lagos, Nigeria

The rhyming names aside, Lagos is actually growing as a destination for casino fans in the most populous country in Africa. The sub-Saharan city offers a range of casinos and nightlife options and the weather and its position in Nigeria places it as a top location for vacations and trips away. Nigeria absorbs a lot of traffic and footfall from its neighbours, and with fortunes on the rise in the area, the need to go out and blow off steam has never been greater. Lagos may be the Vegas of Africa, but it looks like, for the wider world, Vegas is the go-to location for gambling and experiencing a once in a lifetime show.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Back in the States, Las Vegas faces competition from its East Coast rival. Atlantic City provides a range of hotels and casinos that attempt to rival Vegas. Given the gulf between both coasts of the contiguous United States, it’s no surprise that there would be a rival in a more accessible location to those from the East. While some claim that AC is a weak comparison for LV, the tourism figures show that the city does it’s fair share of trading on entertainment and offering a dazzling nightlife and wedding destination. But, as Royal Vegas as an online casino from Canada shows us, there is no online alternative for Atlantic City. So Vegas doesn’t have to worry about its easterly neighbor too much.

In years to come, there may crop up a new casino entertainment district to rival the illustrious Las Vegas. This could indeed be in established places such as Toronto, Lagos, or Atlantic City – or indeed could be anywhere in the world, from South East Asia to Australasia. But for now, Las Vegas retains its crown.

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