Why it is Suicidal to ask every Malaysians to wear a Mask everyday!

1. Malaysia manufacturers 600k masks per day. We have a population of 30,000,000 Malaysians. There is a shortage of 29.4 million masks every day if everyone insists all Malaysians to wear a mask!

2. WHO announces Covid-19 as a Pandemic, it would be harder to buy from neighbouring countries as every country would keep the mask for themselves. Indonesia has 1 billion population by the way.

3. If there is no mask & safety options available, front-liners such as doctors and nurse, are they going to risk their and their family lives to save the patients? So naturally more people are at risk.

4. People who are sick without a mask and unable to buy a mask will lead to more infections

5. Especially, we have idiotic people who are hoarding masks for profit and people who bought masks and showing off.

6. If 29.4 million population are unable to obtain mask and looking at those 600k people with a mask, this might lead to a collapse of society.

7. If there is a continuous shortage, do you think you are able to replenish your mask the next round? With everyone being selfish, are you able to compete with royals, elites, the rich, celebrities, the upper societies for the mask?

8. 600k people who are safe, do you think 29.4 million population who they think they might die will let you off the hook? Humans are evil to start with especially during a desperate situation.


No one could predict how long this situation will last. However, we all knew from day one Malaysia has 29.4 million shortage of masks daily!

While we all would like to protect our love ones, we should formulate rationally on the best way to withstand the prolonged situation. There is no fairy tale in a real-life situation.

Which is why countries are emphasizing only those who are sick or returning from high-risk places should wear a mask. It is not because the government do not prioritise citizen’s safety but this is the only way to ensure the country could endure this situation as long as possible.

  • Avoid places with crowds
  • Wash your hand as frequent as possible
  • Practise social responsibility such as isolate yourself if returning from high-risk places


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