7 Important Tips You Must Know when Planning Maldives Trip

Vacation in the Maldives is certainly every couple’s romantic dream, sun kiss beaches, luxurious hotels, crystal clear turquoise sea, colourful fishes & reefs.

However many people even us made mistakes unknowingly during travel planning thus causing over budget spending, leaving a scar in the whole experiences.

But you are not to blame, as the Maldives is unique compared to other countries, therefore those mistakes are totally out of your expectations. This article, we will highlight some for you.


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1. Avoid staying too many days in the Maldives.

Unless you are into specific activities that require time such as diving & deep-sea fishing, Maldives is perfect for a short stay instead of a long one. Anything more than 1 week will be too much for our opinion.

4 to 5 days is usually sufficient if staying in one hotel and perhaps 7 days if 2 hotels. Opt for quality vacation rather than quantity when in the Maldives.

Note: DO NOT stay in few hotels for a short trip, it is not as easy as hailing a taxi to get to another hotel. A transfer is very tedious & expensive in the Maldives.

2. Splurge in a luxury vacation


Mentioning the Maldives, people associate with a luxurious & romantic getaway. Though you can travel Maldives budget which we did for RM1950 per pax, it seems we missed out the most important component of Maldives akin to not visiting Eiffel Tower when in Paris.

So asking everyone in our group about their feedback, the answer was quite similar “We will be back for a luxurious stay, not a budget one”

3. Airport Transfer might be MORE Expensive than your flight ticket to the Maldives


This is a very important criteria people often overlook when planning their Maldives holiday. Most visitors will arrive at Male the capital of Maldives.

Airport transfer is Very Expensive in the Maldives. Therefore you MUST CHECK how much is the transfer cost to your hotel as most hotel rates do not include transfer which can be very expensive.

There are 2 common ways to reach your hotel: speedboat or seaplane.

Hotels located nearer to Male you are able to arrange speed boat transfer which cost from USD5o to USD200 per pax return. Some hotels even make it compulsory to take their transfer so do a double-check.

Hotels which are located far from Male, Sea Plane transfer is required. Sea Plane transfer easily cost USD350 to USD450 for a return trip per person.

So not only you have to compare hotel rates, but you will also need to check transfer fees as we have a friend who paid USD70 per night but found out the hotel is only reachable by seaplane thus forking out extra USD350.

Note : If arriving late evening or flying out early morning, you might require to overnight at Male, do check with your hotel.

4. You are most likely to stay on an island with just your hotel

Most hotels are located on their own private island thus it is the only hotel on the island. One reason we recommend a short stay as you get bored easily after 4 or 5 days.

5. Food is expensive & limited choice, your 3 meals are mostly eaten at your hotel.

Since the island has only one hotel which is the one you are staying, all your daily meals will be eaten at the same hotel. When choice is limited, dining can be expensive. Always budget USD50 per meal per pax.

If possible book a full board price which includes meal & drinks during your stay, at least there is less pain than ordering expensive meals.

6. Budget for extra activities.

MaldivesNot all hotels have lagoon near to them, therefore you might need to spend some money for a snorkelling trip or nearby island hopping.

7. Always know the details of your activities, especially how long is the transfer.

Certain activities are located at a specific location, for example, whale shark watching, though your hotel might offer this excursion, do find out how long to reach there. The locals are used to sea transportation but as foreigners, we might not be accustomed to 5 hours boat ride per way especially people who are prone to seasickness.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you are more prepared to enjoy the Maldives better!

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  1. Very nice information but seems you miss the part that resorts are very expensive and especially the if you need to buy some thing there such as drinks

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive review about Maldives. Since so much information regarding food etc are not provided on travel sites.

  3. We have visited the Maldives twice, each time at a different all inclusive hotel. Travelled by boat the first time and seaplane the second, time all booked as part of our holiday package. We happily spent 10 and 12 nights respectively, never tiring of the choice of food or daily snorkelling trips. Amazing experience and ready for a third trip soon.

  4. Hi Debra
    Which islands and hotels did you book with, and how much were they? I am trying to find an all inclusive hotel for 10 or 12 nights.

  5. Hi,

    Loved your article!

    Could you recommend a luxury resort for a couples 4 day trip. I think I would prefer one with nearby activities and good food.


  6. The Maldives is an amazing destination for people who love the beach life.

    I have been there once, and wish to be back.

    Your guide was impressive and photos are mind-blowing.

  7. do you recommend staying at 2 different hotelsl for the experience or staying at 1 the whole time. We are thinking about 6-7 nights.

  8. Hi , please suggest some budget but nice hotel considering airport transfer cost, also please suggest islands and places which is a must visit for 1st time honeymoon travel.

  9. I find it really insane to advice not to stay in Maldives longer than 1 week!
    Yes if you stay in a resort you ll get bored for sure but there are so many things to do and see in Maldives, it’s not just resorts!
    Also if you don t like the ocean, Maldives might not be the right place for your upcoming holidays 😉

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