Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 陽明山天籟渡假酒店

The Hotel

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 陽明山天籟渡假酒店 is one of the top-rated hot spring resort in New Taipei, an hour drive away from Taipei city. The Michelin Green Guide awarded hotel is located on a plateau that offers a rare view of the entire Yangmingshan National Park.

The hot spring resort is blessed with abundant mildly acidic natural hot spring water that is free from impurities from the Sihuangping spring water.

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort & Spa

Hotel Lobby

The Room

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort & Spa features a total of 77 European, Japanese & Unique Theme rooms which suites family or couples alike.

We stayed in the Japanese style quad room that offers a semi-open-air hot spring bathtub at the veranda allowing us a more private and exclusive hot spring experience surrounded by nature.

Japanese Style Quad Room

Toilet and shower area

Our own private hot spring bathtub

Outdoor Hot Spring

The amazing part of the resort is that it offers 6,000sqm of spa water facilities and an outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor hot spring & spa water world is complimentary for hotel guests while visitors can pay NT$1,000 to enjoy. It is open from 7.00am to 11.00pm daily.

Couple Outdoor Hot Spring

There is also an option for nude hot spring similar to Japan

Nude Hot Spring

Blue Magpie Lounge & Restaurant

The Blue Magpie Lounge is a unique fusion restaurant that serves fusion-style healthy light bites that retain the original flavour of their ingredients. The chefs use fresh ingredients sourced from the local Jinshan district for their dishes.

Herbal Seafood Porridge

The highly recommended herbal seafood porridge uses 4 types of Chinese traditional herbs simmered with dried scallop. Jujube 红枣 and Lycium chinense 枸杞 enhances the sweetness the soup while Milkvetch 黄芪 and Female ginseng 当归 is traditionally used to restore our body’s Qi or energy.

In the porridge, Enoki, King oyster mushroom and shimeji mushroom and organic vegetables are added for its health benefits. The seafood choice depends on every season. This season, the chef decided to grill Canada Red Prawn and topping it on the porridge for a distinctive taste.

President Level Beef Noodle

The chef gentle boil beef bones for 24 hours to prepare the broth, adding fresh vegetables halfway for a refreshing & crisp taste before skimming the foam & fat.

The springy noodle is specially ordered from a local artisan noodle maker. As for the topping, braised beef tendon is chosen for its nice texture & healthier choice.

For a free dessert

Our complimentary Lemon cheesecake

Ricco Restaurant

The European-style Ricco restaurant is fitted with floor to ceiling windows to allow guests to dine in comfort with ample sunlight. It is the venue where hotel guests enjoy their daily buffet breakfast.

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort & Spa

No. 1-7, Mingliu Road, Jinshan District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 208

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