Autumn Soul Day 1 – Tony, Azran & Co

Self check-in at the airport wasnt hard. All you need to do is just show your boarding pass (printed when you self check in online) at the Baggage Drop Counter. With self check in, is time to say goodbye to the long & frustrated queues.

Upon arrival in LCCT, one of our baggage was found to be damaged. Immediately, we took it to the baggage enquiry counter and Air Asia compensate a small amount of RM15 on the spot. Not quite enough to cover the damage though.

Our hand carry was found damaged

Before boarding, we stumbled upon Dato Tony Fernandes, the founder of Air Asia giving interview to newscasters. Today is the first official flight from KL to Seoul hence Dato Tony Fernandes and Air Asia X CEO Mr. Azran are on the same flight with us. What a lucky day !!

Not to waste the golden opportunity, I immediately took out my camera and requested to have photograph taken with Dato Tony Fernandes which he immediately agree.

With AirAsia founder – Dato Tony Fernandes

 During the flight, I was also given the opportunity to chit chat with Mr. Azran. He told us that Air Asia X will be flying to Paris in Feb 2011. Could hardly wait !!

AirAsia X CEO – Mr. Azran

Flight from KL to Seoul will takes approx 6 hours 10 minutes. Air Asia lands in Incheon International Airport which is only 45 minutes away from Seoul by subway.

During Our Flight to Seoul


Upon arrival, we meet up with Grace & her family which we became friends on Facebook & talk about coincidence to travel to the same destination, on the same flight at the very same day.

Upon Arrival

Grace & Family

Arriving at Incheon International Airport, we bought T Money Card which is a rechargeable series of cards used for paying transportation fares in and around Seoul and other areas of South Korea. With T Money, you are able to get 10% discount on subways.

After that, we took AREX, airport express train to Gimpo Airport station before changing train to Gayang Station.

The journey from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airpoty cost KRW4,000 ( RM11 ) per way to Gimpo Airport Station. The journey will takes about 35 minutes.

The hotel we are staying for the night is Hotel Nostalgia, situated 10 minutes away from Gimpo International Airport as we will take an early flight to Jeju-do on the next day.

Hotel Nostalgia

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Reception

The hotel cost KRW77,000 per night ( RM220 / USD70 ). The room was spacious & clean with fast internet connection.

Double Room


Everyone was hungry as none of us eaten our dinner thus after checking in, we went looking for food. There are many restaurants within walking distance from the hotel.

Hotel’s Surrounding – Vibrant Nightlife

Korean Street Food – Tteokbokki & Skewered Seafood

After walking around, we decided to have Korean BBQ at 2am in the morning !!

Korean BBQ Restaurant

Restaurant Interior

The waitress was bit frustrated with our indecisiveness  however once they realized we were foreigners, they were kind enough to explain.

It’s 2am in the morning.. Next Flight 7am !!

The Menu

We ordered Bulgogi on Briquet Fire ( Thin pork slices marinated with Korean Hot Paste ), Beef on Marbling ( Beef slices with even marbling ) & Kim Chi Pot Stew.

Seaweed Soup

Side Dish – Mixed Julienne Vegetables

Side Dish – Raw Vegetables for wrapping BBQ Meat

Thinly Sliced Marbled Beef

Thinly Sliced Pork marinated with Korean Hot Paste

What’s Korean BBQ without Soju anyway ??

Soju 烧酒 – distilled beverage native to Korea comparable to vodka

The BBQ was fantastic. It cost us KRW30,000 ( RM85 / USD28 ) for the meal. That’s about RM17 per person. Quite affordable.

Enjoying BBQ

Enjoying BBQ 2

After the satisfying meal, the restaurant owner treated everyone a cup of coffee which was awesome. ( Everyone forgotten that we have to sleep for 4 hours before flying again )

Awesome Coffee

After the coffee we headed back to the hotel and call if off for the day. Tomorrow – Jeju Island !!

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