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Seoul Climate

Seoul Climate

Before Your Travel

Time Zone ( GMT )

Seoul Time Zone – GMT +9


Visa is NOT REQUIRED for residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan for stay up to 90 days.


Electricity current is either 110 or 220 volts AC, 60 Hz. You’ll find plugs with two flat pins (110 volts) or with two round pins (220 volts). Most hotels provide adapters.


Avoid tap water unless it has been boiled, filtered, or chemically disinfected. Although safe to drink, most locals do not drink tap water. Bottled water can be easily purchased.


Korean language is the official language. Most South Korean do not know how to speak English expect for staffs in tourist attraction places and the younger generations.

Planning to go Seoul?

Getting around Seoul is easy & convenient with its efficient public transport system such as subway and buses.

Just print a Seoul Subway Map and you are all set to go!

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

1. Seoul City Pass Plus

Upon arrival, get yourself a Seoul City Pass Plus Card ( a prepaid payment card + tourist benefits ) at any GS25 convenience store, KORAIL Station or any Tourism Corporation.

Seoul City Pass Plus Card also has the functions of a transportation card in addition to all the functions of a Seoul City Pass Card. This card is all that tourists need to move around Seoul.

Also, you will enjoy 10% discount on public transport with Seoul City Pass Plus.

For More Info : Seoul City Pass Plus

2. Seoul City Pass

Seoul City Pass is a transportation card for tourists. With this single card, you can ride subways in Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi-do area and local buses in Seoul up to 20 times a day without limit on distance.

You can also ride the palace route, downtown route, and night view route of Seoul City Tour Bus without limit.

For More Info : Seoul City Pass

Arriving Seoul

From Incheon International Airport


AREX train link connects the airport to Gimpo Airport, with express and commuter services (both ₩3100) running every 12 minutes for a trip time of 28-35 minutes, making this both faster and cheaper than the bus if transiting between the airports.

From Gimpo Airport, transferring to subway lines 5 or 9 will take you into various parts of the city.

For More Info : AREX

2. Limousine Bus

Limousine buses travel directly to major areas and big hotels in Seoul. It is much more expensive than AREX however if you have a lot of luggage and prefer not to transfer several times, the airport limousine bus is your best option.

Fares : Adult KRW15,000 / Children KRW7,500

For More Info : KAL Limousine Bus

From Gimpo Airport

Gimpo Airport is easily reached on subway lines 5 and 9, as well as the A’REX rail link to Incheon Airport.

Line 5 requires about 50 minutes just to get downtown, while Line 9 offers express trains (every 20 min) that skip most stops and can take you clear across the line in 30 minutes, making it a better choice for most visitors.

Both lines cost ₩900-1300 depending on distance.

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  1. huhu.. these information should be useful for me to travel to seoul next year, backpacking.. hehe.. TQ.. waiting for the Halal food in seoul entry 😛

  2. Hi, this November will be my 2nd time to Seoul. This time it will be a laid back trip. I’d like to stay up in the mountain to enjoy the coldness and admire the breathtaking scenery. Where would you recommend and please advise how to reach it. Thanks

  3. Could you tell me what is a cheap and nice place to stay in South Korea because I was thinking of going to South Korea next year but try to finger out where to start for at less 10 day. Hope you could help me and thank you so much.

  4. Hi, Thank you so much for the very clear information and tips. It is really helpful to do itinerary for backpacker like me. 🙂

  5. Hi Tommy, my family and I will be going to Seoul in July this year. We planned to stay at Flower Hotel at Dongdaemun area. Can you tell me if there is any halal food outlet within the area or any area nearest to Flower Hotel? Tq

  6. Hi Tommy thank you for this very informative site. Me and my parents plan to visit Seoul either this July or January. What time to do you think is the best? I would really want to enjoy winter but I’m afraid that it would be too cold to go sight seeing in January. Thank you.

  7. hi tommy, tqvm for ur information regarding the subway and bus in seoul.

    Means with the seoul citypass plus and city pass i can go everywhere in seoul. am i right

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