Autumn Soul Day 2 – Jeju Island, Here we fly !!

Only 4 hours of sleep, ( 3 hours for Cecilia, time spent on make up ), we were getting ready to depart for Jeju-do. We meet Grace & her family in the lobby and requested the receptionist to call us 2 cabs to Gimpo International Airport.

It took us 10 minutes to reach, before arrival, our taxi driver almost brought us to the wrong terminal, international departure instead of domestic departure terminal. We saw the a signboard for International Departure and quickly shouted to the taxi driver ” Jeju, jeju ” before he manage to turn the wrong way. Phew, we would miss our plane if weren’t for our luck.

Checking In

We will be taking Eastarjet, one of South Korea’s low cost airline to Jeju Island. The fare from Seoul to Jeju cost us KRW47,500 which turns out to be around RM140/USD45. There is even cheaper price if you are flying to Jeju in the afternoon.

Cost of taxi to the airport was KRW10,000 ( RM30/USD10 ), we managed to find Eastarjet check in counter without hassle. Eastarjet allows passengers to check in luggage up to 15kg for free.

We were bit hungry after checking in and decided to buy some Korean Traditional Rice Cake at Bizeun which sells beautiful Tteok cakes, Manju, Yugwa & Hangwa sets.

Bizeun Rice Cake

With some time left, we stroll around the airport taking some pictures before entering the boarding gate.

Boarding Gate

The flight duration from Seoul to Jeju Island will takes roughly about 1 hour 5 mins.

Some pictures taken from the plane.


Splendid Scenery

 90% of the flight passengers are senior citizens and from their outfit, even a child would guess correctly they are heading to Jeju Island for hiking. Never experience this as most senior citizens back in Malaysia would prefer to stay at home.

Welcome to Jeju Island

After collecting our luggage, we dropped by the Information Counter to gather some info.

Tourist Information Counter at Jeju Airport

We decided to take Airport Limousine Bus to Seogwipo City which is 1 hour 30 mins ride from the airport. Seogwipo City is where most tourist attractions are located. The bus cost KRW5,000 ( Approx RM15, USD5 ) per way.

Airport Limousine Bus

Our Bus Ticket

Once arriving Seogwipo City – New Gyeongnam Hotel Stop, we bid Grace & her family goodbye as we will stay in different hotel. We checked in to our hotel – New Gyeongnam Hotel and took an hour rest before heading out for lunch.

New Gyeongnam Hotel : Price very reasonable, superb service although hotel slightly old

Jeju Island is famous for Heuk Doe Ji ( Black Pig / 黑豚 ) & Abalone Porridge thus we were eager to give it a try. Unfamiliar with the surroundings, we asked the hotel receptionist hoping she is able to tell us where we can find the dishes.

Suddenly, the lady shouted to her colleagues and asked us to follow her. Puzzled with the situation, we obediently followed. To OUR SURPRISE, she personally took us to a restaurant 10 minutes away, informing the restaurant our intention and walk back to the hotel. Talk about extreme FRIENDLINESS & SUPERB SERVICE !!

The Restaurant Signboard

Restaurant Exterior & Interior

The restaurant owner showed us to the private room and taught us how to prepare the food & how to eat it ala Korean Style.

Our Private Room

The Jeju Black is said to have a unique taste quite distinct from other breeds of pig and you can only find it in Jeju Island.

Jeju Black

Korean BBQ always come with Banchan (side dishes which are given free)

Although we frequently dine in Korean Restaurants back in Malaysia, it feels great to BBQ in Korea itself !! Korean cuisine is always accompanied by Banchan which are small dishes served along with rice or main dish.

Enjoying Our Meal

The meal cost KRW15,000 for Jeju’s Black & KRW10,000 for Abalone Porridge which is about RM45 & RM30. Don’t worry Banchan are always free and refillable.

Abalone Porridge

Full & contented. Well, it is time to start our sightseeing !!

To be continued…

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  1. Hi Tommy

    We are planning to fly to Jeju when we arrive in Incheon (taking train to Gimpo) and with our huge luggages (28-29inch), is it possible to check in luggage with this size? I didnt want to leave the huge luggage in Seoul and pay for empty apartment.

    So our plan is Gimpo-Jeju and Jeju-Busan, is there any airline which offer such multi destination?

    Many thanks for your time…

  2. Hi Tommy, looks like you had a great time in Jeju. I like the photos of your trip. Makes me want to go back to Jeju again. Also, seems like you have a lot of good posts on Korea, I will be sure to check those out.

    I also have some photos from my trip to Jeju, would be great if you could check it out:

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