Autumn Soul Day 2 – Jeju Island – Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Before we arrive South Korea, many of our friends and family members told us “You cant self travel in South Korea cos you guys don’t speak Korean & 99% of Korean don’t speak English”.

Well that got us anxious at first, so let our Jeju-do journey begin. Our first destination – Yeomiji Botanical Garden at Jungmun Tourist Complex. It is the largest botanical garden in Asia, the magnificent glass Yeomiji Conservatory has collected and displayed 1,200 species of subtropical and tropical plants.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

The weather was very windy. Got us shivering down out spine. We even have to stop at a convenience shop to get us a hot coffee while waiting for the wind to subside.

The entrance fees to Yeomiji is KRW7,000 per person ( Approx RM21 / USD7 ).

Yeomiji is a Chinese word consisting of three letters with “yeo” meaning “such,” “mi” “beauty” and “ji” “land,” which combines to mean a “garden paradise”. We certainly agree to that.

This is certainly a place for those who love gardening & photography.

There is also an observation deck where visitors can take a lift up to have a view of Jeju-do.

Taking the lift up to the observation deck
View from above
Cecilia admiring the exhibition

In Yeomiji Garden, there are several greenhouses with different theme – flower garden, an aquatic plant garden, cactus and succulents garden, jungle garden & tropical fruits garden.

We started with Cactus & Succulents Garden.

Next we visited the Aquatic Plant Garden.

Lastly we visited the Flower Garden.

You can easily spend hours in Yeomiji Botanical Garden, locals are fond having picnic in the garden.

Next destination – Cheonjeyeon Park, Cheonjeyeon Falls & Seonimgyo Bridge !! ( just beside Yeomiji Botanical Garden )

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