FlightHub’s Top 5 Oddest Places to Visit in Krakow

Krakow, Poland is becoming one of Europe’s newest and most exciting travel destinations, and FlightHub Review is here to share some of the more interesting and odd places to visit this beautiful city!


1. Szkeiletor

One of the stranger sites to see in Krakow, the unofficially named Szkieletor is a 92m high-rise building that was left unfinished for decades. Originally having been built in the 1970’s, the status is left permanently on hold, but it’s still pretty cool thing to see while in Krakow. FlightHub suggests making your way to Szkeiletor and snapping some cool and artistic photos of the abandoned building.

2. Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine

As one of the oldest salt mines in Krakow, the origins of this mine go back as far as the middle ages. Visited by almost 38 million tourists, this site isn’t necessarily unknown, but definitely on the more obscure side of Krakow. With over 20 chambers to visit, and descending over 135m into the ground, gain access to a guided tour through Krakow—and Poland’s—interesting and diverse history.

As you prepare to walk through the salt mines, FlightHub encourages you to dress warmly as temperatures do drop once in the mines. Enjoy the beautiful and intricate display of statues and art that decorate the mine!

3. The Bones of the Wawel Dragon & Dragon’s Den

Krakow is a city so rich with history, it’s hard to appreciate how old and ancient it is. Established some time in the 4th century, Krakow was named after the king who successfully ousted the ravenous dragon, Smok Wawelski from its underground lair.

With an origin story as badass as this one, FlightHub highly recommends taking the time to visit both the Wawel Cathedral and the Wawel Dragon’s Den.

The Wawel Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in Krakow. Not only was it a popular burial spot for many Polish royals and nobility and home to some of Poland’s most famous religious art, but it also proudly displays the mythical bones of the Wawel Dragon at its gates.

Hanging above the main doors to the cathedral are what many consider to be mammoth bones, but let the myth of the dragon inspire you while visiting the cathedral.

As for the mythical home of the dragon, FlightHub highly recommends seeing the cave that housed the evil dragon of Wawel. The cave has seen many unique uses over the course of its existence; from dragon-lair, to brothel to now a tourist attraction, be sure to take a picture of the menacing and fearsome bronze sculpture of the dragon while you’re there.

4. Rynek Underground Museum

Some of the most exciting attractions that attracts FlightHub to Krakow aren’t the ones above ground, but the ones below it. The Rynek Underground Museum first opened its doors in 2010 and has since put on very popular exhibits.

It’s interactive user experience is also one of the main features that differentiates this museum from other; the museum makes use of holograms and fog machines, as well as projection images that allow for an immerse visitor experience in the museum.

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