FlightHub’s Top picks for Around-the-World Quirks Travelers Should Know

A large part of traveling is the experience of learning about different cultures from around the world. FlightHub strongly believes in this cultural exchange, and has therefore created—through FlightHub Review—a quick-facts sheet of cultural norms that should be observed in some of our favorite countries!



Home of Carnival, FlightHub’s adoration for Brazil knows no bounds. A big thing to remember in Brazil is that Portuguese is the national language, not Spanish. Additionally, though there are plenty of people who speak English, the language is not common. Learn some basic phrases, or bring a translation device with you! Like its Argentinian neighbor kissing is generally regarded as friendly greeting, so get ready to be up close and personal.

FlightHub would like to remind travelers that pickpockets are common, and to avoid flashing your valuables. Proceed with caution and you’re sure to have a great time. On that note, FlightHub strongly encourages visitors not to visit the Favelas alone, as they can be especially dangerous.

Punctuality is lenient in Brazil, so don’t expect things to be on time. In fact, FlightHub suggests throwing your watch away all together.

As expressive as Brazilians are, make sure to give the Brazilian “Ok” instead of a North American one: simply stick both thumbs in the air and pump them up and down.


As the largest country in North America, Canada is home to a relatively small population in comparison to its land mass. The major cities are mostly concentrated near the American border and the official languages of the country are English and French.

You should greet Canadians with an enthusiastic hello and a handshake, and in French Canada kisses between friends and strangers are common and should start on the left side.

FlightHub’s biggest word of caution is to not call Canadians ‘American’, this will illicit some very unfortunate language towards anyone who mistakes the two.

Tipping is expected for those who work in the service industry! So leave a loonie, or a toonie, before you go.


Nestled between North America and continental Europe, Iceland is a country and society distinctly unique. Though many people speak Icelandic, the country is also fluent in English and aren’t shy to tell you a sly joke or two at your own expense.

Contrary to the southern most countries of the world, punctuality is highly regarded. FlightHub encourages travelers to be on time, and when meeting people a firm handshake and direct eye contact should be made as they’re signs of mutual respect.

Iceland currency is measured in Kronas, however the country accepts most major credit cards, so you don’t need to fret about exchanging your money!

Drinking the tap water is totally safe, despite its sulphur smell! As the water is heated naturally through geothermal energy, the smell is sometimes emitted through the tap but the water is completely safe and you’ll save yourself a fortune from buying bottled water.

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