9 Reasons Why You should Stay in this Hotel when in Xian, China

Xián (西安)is the oldest of the 4 ancient capitals of China (Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang and Xian) and is the starting point of the Silk Road hence it is full of historical places making it one of the most interesting places to visit in China.

China’s oldest Muslim mosque was established here with a sizeable Muslim Chinese community living in Xian thus you can expect a totally different Chinese cuisine. The legendary Emperor Qin who unified ancient China, his tomb was discovered with the finding of the Terracotta Army.

Xi’an is also the place where royals from Qin, Tang to Qing Dynasty indulge themselves in the mineral-rich hot springs during cold winter. Here are our 9 reasons to stay at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian when visiting Xián. Read HERE for our full hotel review.

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1. Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army discovered by pleasant farmers in 1974 led to one of the most magnificent ancient tomb discovery in human history. Emperor Qin unified China after eliminating 6 other countries of Han, Zhao, Yan, Wei, Chu & Qi in 221 BC.

His grand mausoleum is a reminiscence of his life as an emperor with the inner and out city is carved out and is guarded by 8,000 life-size Terracotta soldiers, along with numerous weapons, horses and chariots. The emperor’s tomb is as huge as a small hill is still unexcavated.

The great historian Sima Qian accounted that the tomb contains replicas of the area’s rivers and streams made with mercury flowing through hills and mountains of bronze. Pearls and precious gems decorated to represent the sun, moon and stars.

The Terracotta Army is just 10 mins drive away from Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian. The friendly concierge helped us to request for Didi (similar to Uber) to send us there and back. All you need is to Wechat the concierge when completing your visit.

2. Live within the historical Huaqing Palace

Huaqing Palace was originally built during the Tang Dynasty as a hot spring escape for the royals during winter. The picturesque palace comprises of baths, gardens, gazebos and pavilions.

Apart from its historical site, the best way to appreciate is to take a bath. The temperature of the hot spring water is constantly at 43 degrees Centigrade all year round. It contains lime, sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate and other minerals, which makes it suitable for bathing and for the treatment of diseases such as dermatitis, rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain.

Huaqing Palace is the epic centre for the romance Emperor Xuanzhong and Yang Guifei and also the Xián Incident during the Chinese Civil War.

As hotel guests, you are allowed to roam freely around the palace without needing to pay for the entrance ticket.

3. Pamper in your own private hot spring

What’s more, pampering than to enjoy your very own private hot spring tub that emperors and concubines enjoy throughout the history of China. The mineral-rich with healing and beauty capabilities makes the Huaqing Palace hot spring the top choice for emperors of various dynasty.

Best of all our private hot spring tub is just steps away from the comfort of our bedroom.

4. Complimentary Huaqing Palace guided tour

Historical sites are boring without guided explanation as you will miss out all the interesting details and stories behind it. Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa guests can enjoy a complimentary guided tour of Huaqing Palace. All you need is to inform the reception and fixed the time.

5. Feast in Tang Dynasty Culinary

The restaurant at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa features some of the renown local Shaanxi dishes and even culinary dishes inherited from the royal kitchen of the Tang Dynasty. Delicate in design yet packed in flavours. This should be your first choice to try Shaanxi cuisine.

6. Extra 20% discount on 长恨歌 ticket

長恨歌 performance show is a must watch when in Xián. The show is only available from April to October. Despite the higher price, the show is always a sold out and long queues can be seen an hour before the show starts at night.

The 60 mins show portrays the romance between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and Yang Yuhuan, his favourite imperial concubine at Huaqing Hot Springs. The exquisite performances incorporate more than 300 professionals and are presented in front of Nine Dragons lake with Mount Lishan in the background.

Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel guests are entitled to a 20% discount off the ticket price. The hotel even got us a better seating to enjoy the show.

7. Indulge in Spa made for an Emperor

The spa at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel is luxuriously designed as if reserved for royal usage. Chinese massage is slightly different compared to the likes of Swedish or Thai massage. Using the finest herbal ingredient in their spa treatment, it aims to reinvigorate the body qi, increase blood flow and heal affected spots.

Blessed with the hot spring water, guests are given ample time to enjoy hot spring bathtub prior to and after the massage.

8. Escape from stress – Zen Mode

The artistically designed hotel offers a serene and zen atmosphere which is perfect to unwind from the stresses of one’s life. Be it reading a book or listening to the smooth water sound, we definitely enjoy some zen time relaxing at its lobby.

9. Cocktails at Bird Cage Bar

The beautifully designed bird-cage bar is one of our favourite spots to drink at the Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel in the evening. The garden bar is only reserved for in-house guests hence it is less crowded, perfect spot to spend a relaxing evening.


Both the Terracotta Army and Huaqing Palace are 1 hour plus drive away from Xián city centre and each attraction might take a few hours to complete especially if you are into historical sites.

Staying at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa allows us to do sightseeing in the day time, take a good rest at the hotel while waiting for the 长恨歌 show to start at night. A royal indulgent you will never regret!

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Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian

No.38 Huaqing Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


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